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J E N N Y   C A S H M O R E

Always Somewhere Inbetween

Sitting between an intention and an active research project is Somewhere Always Inbetween. A year long project bringing together a collection of ideas and ways of working, occurring both privately and publicly. Happening between Equilux* March 2022 and Equilux March 2023 the project will develop and grow out of small actions. Flitting between markers of time such as equal daylight and night time hours, the lunar cycle and personal rituals to denote when activity occurs. 

Afterall it is in the liminal places that change happens. A year space to see what develops. Embracing a slower way of working within the rural area that I live. Embracing change and learning. Exploring the time that I have and the resources and assets that I have access to. It is an invitation to connect in a new way. Investigating relationships and support structures. Actively researching ways to embed contemporary art experiences within the day to day. It is rooted within the local landscape, online and further afield. It may shift and change.

#connection #place #body #relationships #cycles #change #rituals

Instagram - Old content archived at the beginnign of the project. and then refreshed at every new moon. Allowing for experimentation and creative use of the platform. Thinking about documentation, impermenance and cycles. >>>

Website - exploring this as a more useful and active space. >>>

Works - I begin with a walk.  Halfhanner** taking place on Equilux, starting in the daylight and finishing in the dark, walking in both England and Wales.

Walking solo and taking a 7 mile circular route that starts and finishes in Redbrook. The border here runs between Redbrook and Bigsweir along the River Wye. The route starts in England crossing the border at Bigsweir and returns through Wales crossing back across the river at Redbrook to finish.

*Equilux happens a few days before or after Equinox depending on where you are in the world, and is the time when the day and night are actually most equal in length.

**There are plans for a participatory walk in Spetember - please contact me if interested in coming along.

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